WOD & DONE Lifestyle #3

  Hey there, WOD & DONE Nation! Our most recent edition of the WOD & DONE Lifestyle newsletter has two new features: Shoulder mobility exercise from a doctor of physical therapy  Paleo-friendly snack recipe from a clinical nutritionist. As you likely know, shoulder mobility is a key component to functional fitness. In order to help

WOD & DONE Lifestyle #2

  Hey there WOD & DONE Nation, In this this edition of our WOD & DONE Lifestyle blog, we are featuring one of our favorite hand care products: RipFix. This is a great company with an amazing product that can take the sting out of a hand rip overnight and have you back on the

WOD & DONE Lifestyle

  As a small company with a big heart, our goal continues to be to provide you with the best products, experience, and customer service. Simply put: We care about you. We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our WOD & DONE Lifestyle blog  (sign up below to our newsletter to stay

Jared Stein- Featured Athlete

Name: Jared Stein Age: 30 City/State: Brooklyn, NY Favorite Movie/Character: Ocean’s Eleven Favorite lift: Back Squat Favorite Girl WOD: Linda Favorite Hero WOD: DT Favorite Lift/Movement: Pull-ups Least favorite/Weakness: Snatch Favorite Healthy Meal/Snack: Plantains Favorite Cheat Meal/Snack: Pizza CrossFit Affiliate Name: WillyB CrossFit and LTrain CrossFit Location: Brooklyn, NY Year of Affiliation: 3 Owner(s): Jared

Grace Avery – Future of our Sport

Name: Grace Avery Age: 11 City/State: East Bridgewater, Massachusetts Favorite movie: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Favorite television show: SpongeBob SquarePants and WWE CrossFit Affiliate Name: Cynergy CrossFit Favorite lift: Clean and Jerk Favorite Girl WOD: Grace, of course! Least favorite/Weakness: Squat snatch, muscle-ups, and ring dips With the incredible athletes who have framed today’s CrossFit

Pamela Gagnon: Performance Plus Programming

WIN a year-long subscription ($240 value) to Performance Plus Programming by Dr. Zach Long and Pamela Gagnon (see rules of the contest below) This week we are excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with Pamela Gagnon and Dr. Zach Long of Performance Plus Programming to offer you guys this opportunity to win a full

Holly Allen – U.S. Air Force Mom

To honor our Men and Women of service, WOD & DONE is offering a 30% off discount for active military members (honor system) until 5/31. If you are an active military member or a spouse of an active military member please use the coupon code: “Protect” at checkout.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! Name: Holly

Shellie Edington

(raw photo credit: @strengthandgracephoto) Name: Shellie Edington Age: 52 City/State: Columbus OH Favorite movie / character: Star Wars / Chewie CrossFit Affiliate Name: CrossFit 614 Favorite lift: Split Jerk Favorite Girl WOD: Amanda Least favorite / Weakness: Burpees Name of home Box: CrossFit 614 Location: Columbus, OH Owner: Mitch Potterf Shellie Edington is a one-of-a-kind athlete. It

Michele Oller

This month’s Athlete Spotlight is Michele Oller. We’ve had a distinct pleasure of working with Michele for the past 3-4 months and she has been nothing short of inspirational! We are really happy to have this opportunity to introduce her to all of you, along with her husband Colby, and the community of their gym:

Amy “Pistol” Mandelbaum

(raw photo credit: Irene Penny Photography) This month’s Athlete Spotlight is Amy “Pistol” Mandelbaum. Amy was one of the first athletes who gave WOD&DONE brand a chance and helped us spread the word. So, it’s not a surprise that we wanted to share her story in our bi-weekly Athlete Spotlight series . Name: Amy “Pistol” Mandelbaum

Stavros Kalogirou

Name: Stavros Kalogirou Age: 40 years old City/State:  Martinez, CA (NorCal) About Me: I’m SF Bay Area local born and raised.  I’ve been married for almost 17 years and have 4 amazing kids (3, 7, 9, and 11).  I’m a Firefighter/Paramedic for a bay area department (actually I drive the engine, coolest job in the

CrossFit Mettle and Honor

Web http://www.crossfitmah.com/ Years open : 2 Members : 130 Size : 3500sq.ft Worst WOD 12.1 – 7 minutes of Burpees Brief History of the box We met at a CrossFit box. The four of us are truly passionate about CrossFit and what it can do for others.  With our diverse backgrounds (military, line-man, insurance salesman/businessman, and

Alyssa Novoa

(Photo credit: Wodapalooza fitness festival 2017) Name: Alyssa Novoa Age: 11 years old City/State: Apopka, FL Favorite Movie/Character: Little Mermaid _Ariel is my favorite CrossFit Affiliate Name: CrossFit Unmatched (http://crossfitunmatched.com/) Favorite Lift: Deadlift Favorite Girl WOD: Fran Least favorite/weakness: Snatch How did you start CrossFit? My parents started and it looked like fun so I started doing