WOD&DONE Wrist Wraps


  • Blend – 65% polyester / 35% cotton

  • Sold in pairs, each strip is 3″ wide and 35″ long

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WOD&DONE Wrist wraps are hand-made in the USA from a material that offers not only support, but also durability – making sure that your investment lasts.

It compliments our hand protection grips by also wicking the moisture away from the grips. You can also use them to secure the anchors in place instead of tape if you chose such application method

Sold in pairs, each strip is 3″ wide and 35″ long. They offer full support to help avoid injury, while the simple twist-tight design makes sure you waste no time on adjusting those traditional bulky wrist wraps. They are easy to put on, and easy to adjust. They feel sturdy and not “slippery”.

We’ve tested a lot of fabric, and this blend – 65% polyester / 35% cotton –   behaved the best in our testing. See for yourself – Our wraps are the only wraps that come with a 1yr warranty – so you know you are buying a quality product.

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