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Hey there WOD & DONE Nation,

In this this edition of our WOD & DONE Lifestyle blog, we are featuring one of our favorite hand care products: RipFix.

This is a great company with an amazing product that can take the sting out of a hand rip overnight and have you back on the bar. Developed in the kitchen as a family recipe, this remedy has been passed through generations from mothers to their gymnast daughters. If you have not heard of RipFix, you’re missing out!

We would also like to introduce the WOD & DONE nation to the U.K.’s very own Rhian “Rhi” Pearson. She is an inspirational CrossFit Masters athlete and mother who overcame adversity to reach her goals and continues to push forward.

To learn more about RipFix, follow them on Instagram at @ripfix.

To follow Rhi and learn more about her and her story, follow her on Instagram at @rhip32.

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Rhian “Rhi” Pearson, 36

City/State: Worcester, UK
Favorite movie/character: Point Break
CrossFit Affiliate Name: BullPen Fitness
Favorite lift: Power Clean
Favorite Girl WOD: Helen
Least favorite/Weakness: Squats (giraffe femurs!)
Name of Box: BullPen Fitness
Owner(s): Will Kane and Fraser McKenzie
Location: Worcester, UK

Three months after having her eldest daughter, Rhi Pearson was ready to pursue fitness again—but
without having to spend two hours on a treadmill every day. Her father had begun taking a new “fitness
class” and was excited to tell Rhi about it. She liked what she heard and soon after, she was signed up at her local CrossFit box. 

At the time, there were only a handful of locations in the UK. As fate would have it, Rhi’s first WOD was Fran—and despite being dealt the WOD CrossFitters love to hate as her induction, she was immediately hooked.

Now, Rhi trains five times each week, with one session being a double. She carefully plans her training to include one rest day and one active recovery day, although there are variations from time to time with her schedule.

Rhi draws inspiration from many great athletes, many of whom she follows on Instagram; however, her true role model is her friend, Cathy Wilson. As a mother of four children, Cathy continues to push her limits as an athlete.This year, she is heading to the CrossFit Games as a UK Masters athlete.

Two years ago, Rhi underwent ACJ reconstruction in her shoulder. Her coach, David Shorunke, has tailored her programming to ensure she continues to achieve her goals. With more Masters-level individual competitions in her sight, Rhi is not showing any signs of letting up on her dream of reaching a podium. But, most importantly, her goal is to continue to enjoy and have fun doing what she loves.

In the future, Rhi plans to continue training in her garage with two new members: her daughters.Currently, they are 8- and 5-years- old and love gymnastics, and Rhi hopes to compete with them one day. 

RipFix – the perfect solution to CrossFit Hands

Search for #crossfithands on most social media outlets and you will find thousands of pictorials of people proudly holding up their “warrior wounds,” also known as rips. Hand rips in the CrossFit world have become a rite of passage —a sign that you are working hard and progressing in the sport — but what CrossFitters come to find out quickly is that injured, torn hands are not fun; they are painful and they interfere with their WOD.

Most athletes are aware that if you are participating in a heavy-handed sport, your hands will become callused: For some, ripping those calluses is inevitable even with grips (just ask a gymnast). Preventing the calluses from thickening and hardening to the tearing point is where daily maintenance becomes critical, and staying on top of the vicious rip-heal–rip cycle is key.

This is where RipFix steps in. RipFix is not only an amazingly quick rip remedy but when used daily, along with a pumice stone, it is a great preventative and maintenance tool-helping your hands stay primed for your sport.  There is a big difference between healthy and un-healthy calluses. The minute your calluses start to turn color (yellow, white or brown) it’s time to take them down. Calluses should not be hard mounds of painful, discolored, flakey skin…They should be pliable so they work with you , not against you.


How to Fix Ripped Hands
1. Clean hands and disinfect the wound. 2. Cut the skin away as close to the rip line as possible3. Pack RipFix generously in to the fresh rip. Do not rub it in, let it sit, preferably overnight.4. Loosely wrap with gauze to allow some air into the wound.5. Watch RipFix do it’s magic.
How to Care for Callused hands.
1. Keep a pumice stone in the shower.

2. Take the wet pumice  stone on a wet callused hand and gently pumice the top layers of  skin off of the calluses.

3. Repeat on the other hand rubbing for about 3 mins on each hand to smooth out all the rough edges.

4. Rub RipFix in to freshly filed down hands.

5. Watch RipFix do it’s magic
Keep those hands healthy. They are your number one tool.

Robin Stewart



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