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We take a beating so your hands don’t have to. See why top-tier athletes as well as weekend warriors and garage superheros choose WOD&DONE so they don’t rip when they grip.

WOD&DONE Testimonials

I bought these to give them a try since my hands are small it's very very hard to find something that will protect my hands while still giving me full bar grip. Let me tell you these are amazing they feel like a second skin on my hands. They held up great during pull ups and my hand did not rip nor did I have any pain during or after the WOD. I am definitely ordering more to stock up as well as spreading the word in my box.
I have literally tried 20 grips that are on the market, and due to my small hands nothing feels right! I tried Wod and Done and it was magic! They stayed put the whole workout, and no rips! And my grip on the bar feels so much better! Thank you!
Thank you @Wod&Done for helping me get through my workout today! Pull-ups will never be the same again! 💪🏼
Caitlin Millar
I bought these after watching my coach use them in a ttb wod. After try many gloves and still ripping, i figured i would try wod&done. Well, let me tell you what a difference. I placed these over my not healed rips and wow no re rip and no pain!!! I will be stocking up and spreading the word about wod&done products!
I've been using these grips for going on 2 months. I’ve used them in countless training sessions involving pull ups, C2B pull ups, bar muscle ups, T2B, barbell cycling, etc. They perform flawlessly EVERY time. Given my training volume as well as my profession, I can’t deal with ripped hands and this is my go-go solution. They are VERY reasonably priced, you will not be disappointed! I also just used them in an intensive 2-day masters competition, and my hands look the same after the comp as they did before
Stavros Kalogirou
Hello my name is Carlos, I am from Albuquerque, NM. I have tried numerous hand protection for our crazy CrossFit life's that we live. I had about given up too and just started putting tape in random places on my hands. Then I stumbled across WOD & Done. These things are a game changer. Plus the cost is good. You are not constantly adjusting them. Put em on add chalk and forget it about haha.. I have already made a second purchase. I have nothing negative to say about these at all. Maybe add more colors 😉 Overall great product! Give it try you won't regret it.
Carlos Robles
Words cannot express how much I love these things!! They’ve helped me get my pull ups and overall helped my grip strength improve! I swear by them! I could never find grips that were small enough for me by these are a blessing!!
Brittany Lynn
Hey! My names is Sarah, I received a pair of your grips in this months WodBox, and received a comment on Instagram (@vivacious_fitness) asking me to let you know what I thought! I actually used them at the gym this morning and absolutely loved them! I'm a weightlifter and I have pretty small hands so wearing lifting gloves affects my grip on things like deadlifts, and my gym doesn't allow chalk. Your grips are thin enough to prevent that while being strong enough that I easily lifted over 200lbs without tearing up my hands. It's a constant struggle for me between being able to lift heavy while still trying to maintain reasonably soft, feminine hands so I really appreciated the use of your product. I checked out your website and your prices are really good too so I will definitely be purchasing from you guys in the future! Thank you for the sample!
Hello! Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I got them and I wore them all day at the comp. still have a couple pairs left. I'll be ordering some because I'll run out during the open! Wod n dones are the best. I tried to go back to my old grips for one workout because there weren't too many chest to bars and it felt awful! I'm sold on these 👏🏻😘


🖐Get Gymnasty! Safe! Use our protection that feels like wearing nothing at all! ⁠
Athlete: @jungbea ⁠
Save your hands with the wodndone grips 🖐⁠
Give it a try 🤸‍♂️⁠
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Protect your hands at all times 👐 with our ultra thin self-adhesive single use grip that feels like wearing nothing at all.⁠
Athlete: @paxu03⁠
📸: @cyrostudios⁠
Una carrera que había visto desde la barrera y está vez me puse en el arco de salida, con muchas ganas y a disfrutar del pedazo carreron que se marca 🏁Unbroken race🏁, con una organización de 10👌un ambiente brutal😎 y un recorrido increible😍 carrera rápida y llana con alguna subida corta pero intensa, su paso por el lago y acequia que siempre viene bien un bañito🏊‍♀️ con esos pedazos de obstáculos que para mi muchos de ellos eran nuevos y sino era al primer intento pues al segundo... porque el objetivo era terminar con mi pulserita, sin pensar en nada más solo en pasar cada uno de los obstáculos, tocó penalizar en el combo y estar más de 15 minutos en el combo de las tablas de suspensión  pero al 3r intento lo pude pasar y en los flying monkeys igual más de 15 minutos y después de varios intentos, con las manos abiertas al 4t intento lo pase llegando a meta con mi pulserita y en esta foto describe a la perfección todo el esfuerzo, constancia lucha, perseverancia, sacrificio, el día a día, entrene tras entrene y ves como van salido los resultados, que para mi ya es muchooo tras la lesión!! Todavía queda mucho que rascar, mucho que aprender, pero mucho quedar... Y si!! Soy una llorona, uno de los muchos defectos que tengo pero estas😭 son mi recompensa a todo mi esfuerzo💪⁠
Y sin ellos no sería posible🙌👌⁠
sherpartanos ⁠
rickysporteam ⁠
mr.coachsport ⁠
omtvalencia iborrasanz ⁠
Y toda esa gente que me rodea, Gracias y mil gracias👏😘⁠
PD: Y aunque no era la idea y sin esperarlo subí al podium como 1r age group (25-29) femenina🥇🏆 sin duda volveremos a repetir UNBROKENRACE ⁠
@cyrostudios y a todos los que estuvieron captado cada momento📸📸👌🙌⁠
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Who wants to give this a try? In case you do...make sure that you protect your hands 👐 with our ultra thin self-adhesive single use grip that feels like wearing nothing at all.⁠
Athlete: @losefatwithpat ⁠
Training for an 80s action movie. •⁠
Grip assist from wodndone. •⁠
I know these have a name. Just forget what it is. Gorilla curl and press, maybe? Idk. 🤷🏻‍♂️⁠
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FGL MVP @pau.leyes rocking our 💎Ice Blue Camo hand protection. These ultra thin grips will make sure that you're able to perform at your very best without having to worry about the safety of your hands.

Sport: @flgridleague ・・・
Our 2019 MVP @pau.leyes rocking the FGL All Star headband by @bandz_wear

Protecting her hands with @wodndone

Try out to jump on her team the @themiamifreaks through the American Grid Trials by @americangridassociation. Top link in our bio 📸 @elina1414

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What your #20point3 mental state SHOULD like 💪 👍...AND also what your 20.3 thumbs should look like too 😜

Athlete  @carrielynnbea ・・・
I’m learning that through our imperfection and limits is where God’s perfection and limitlessness shines bright.  Contrast makes things clearer to our human eyes.  Drastic comparisons make it obvious for us to see what’s real.  God is God and we are us.  It’s obvious who made who and who has no boundaries of space, time, love, grace, Hope, and mercy.  It is in our weakness that we find out His magnitude.  And for that, I am grateful to know and be known by our glorious Savior today and everyday.  Happy Friday 🖤!
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🖐Real People. Real Results. Thank you @whitneykono for trusting your hands into ours 👐 We are happy to take a beating so your hands don't have to.⁠
Try our ultra thin self-adhesive single use grip that feels like wearing nothing at all.⁠ Athlete: @afatse ⁠
How’d 20point2 go for everybody...?⁠
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