Hand Protection / Grips – 40 or 20 Strips (10/20 Pairs)

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Extra Strength adhesive option! (Please select below)

Need Better Stick? This additional bottle of liquid adhesive will ensure that our RipGuards will stay on longer while minimizing bunching. If you’ve never tried wodndones before or tried less than 3 times, please add at least a sample **Attention for customers outside of the US: you will receive a powder version which you will need to add Isopropyl alcohol about 90% strength in order to mix it (alochol not included). You will receive detail instructions as soon as you place the order.

As low as $1.37/pair

WOD&DONE hand protection gives you the skin-tight, hygienic hand protection/grips you need to protect your hands while still building your strength. Ensure you can go the distance during any workout without ripping up your hands. Get the consistent, flexible fit you need for even the most brutal workout.

Convenient Hand Protection: Self-adhesive, chalk and sweat friendly, these single-use grips were made to keep your hands protected while doing high-intensity training, practice, or workout. Each pair was also individually packaged for your convenience.

Remarkably flexible: They feature a top-quality, special kinesiology material for a more natural movement when lifting, gripping and balancing. It also provides the hand with utmost comfort when in use.

Skin tight: The composition and construction give the feeling of oneness with your hand, translating to a better grip and feel on your workout, training, or fitness equipment.

Perfect fit: At 3in x 9.25 (7.5cm x 23cm) in size, they allow greater coverage to prevent serious skin injuries, such as tears and rips, that are painful and usually take a long time to heal.

  • Designed specifically for hands: Our specially-designed hand protection measures 3 inches wide by almost 10 inches long to give you the perfect fit. Just pull out a set of our hand grips, apply them and you’re ready to go.
  • Made to move: Our specially-engineered kinesiology-type material gives you the full range of motion for your hands no matter what your workout throws at you.
  • Tough as $#!%: Our hand grips can handle anything you put them through – whether it’s deadlifts, muscle-ups or the muddiest obstacle course. They’re tough enough for competitions and durable enough for your daily workouts.
  • Built for competition: Protect your hands during every workout and build the strength that competitive athletes need for marathon workout sessions and major competitions. Toughen up your hands without getting sidelined by ripped hands.
  • Get stronger without sacrificing your hands: At WOD&DONE, we understand that having the full use of your hands outside of the gym can be even more important than what you do during a workout. Get the intensity you want without the tears and rips that slow you down.
  • Hypoallergenic & sanitary: Our single-use hand grips are latex-free and vegan. Unlike reusable options, wod-n-dones give you a hygienic way to protect your hands without the odors and exposure to germs.
  • Single-use grips: With wod-n-dones, you get a clean, new set of grips for every workout. This gives you a consistent fit that is the same every time you apply them.
  • Self-adhesive: Our grips don’t let go until you decide you’re done. For those extra-sweaty or muddy workouts, you can add our specially-formulated extra strength adhesive designed to outlast anything you throw at it. That includes sweat, water, chalk, dirt, mud, rain, snow and sand.

This product comes in foil packaging. If you prefer paper packaging, please let us know in the notes section of the order.


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10pairs – $17.50, 20pairs – $27.50


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16 reviews for Hand Protection / Grips – 40 or 20 Strips (10/20 Pairs)

  1. Stavros Kalogirou

    I’ve been using these grips for going on 2 months. I’ve used them in countless training sessions involving pull ups, C2B pull ups, bar muscle ups, T2B, barbell cycling, etc. They perform flawlessly EVERY time. Given my training volume as well as my profession, I can’t deal with ripped hands and this is my go-go solution. They are VERY reasonably priced, you will not be disappointed! I also just used them in an intensive 2-day masters competition, and my hands look the same after the comp as they did before 🙂

  2. Samuli

    Ordered these items to FIN just because I haven’t found any good solution before. It was all worth of ordering. When using W&D Hand Protection with magnesium I can finally do as many kipping pull ups, muscle ups, butterfly pull ups etc. as my muscle condition and technics allow me to perform – and not just quit because my hands are full of vesicles and hurt.. Absolutely an extra skin which is ‘a must buy’ for everyone training Crossfit.

    In addition to that this company has a super customer service – I sent them message by using Instagram direct and they responded FAST. And they made extra effort to ship to Europe.

  3. Lyndsey Martin (verified owner)

    These have completely changed my crossfit life- I have been through countless kinds of grips- different styles, sizes, you name it. Either they were too thick and I couldn’t hold on to the bar, too narrow and the sides of my hands would rip, or they would slide over, or they were uncomfortable. I could never find the right one! I got a pair of these in a subscription box and the first time I gave them a try, I knew they were the ones for me. I could finally hang on to the bar and the grip didn’t slip. A year ago when I did the hero WOD Murph, I ripped my hands and couldn’t do pull ups for weeks because they kept ripping. This year I wore Wod & Done and was doing pull ups the very next day. I wear them every time we have toes to bar or pull ups now.

  4. Charlotte

    I really love the grips. They give me the perfect amount of protection without having to much fabric between my skin and the bar. Sticks nicely and stays in position during the wod.

  5. Dez (verified owner)

    Useless without chalk however with it they are amazing. Doesnt feel thick in the hand at all. Hands come out well protected. Once you figure out how to get it on, its pretty simple to apply and take off is easy. I dont have any other brands or types to compare to but i qould happily by this brand again.

  6. David Osorio

    Found a couple samples at my gym and tried them on. Im fickle with hand protection but thought these were perfect. I use them only for high rep workouts, they protect my hands effectively, are low profile, comfortable since they contour exactly to my hand and easy to put on. Great product

  7. Jenn (verified owner)

    Obsessed with wodndone!! Have tried endless amounts of different products and nothing was working… until I found Wodndone!!! This is the only product that allows me to really grasp the bar and not slip!!! I have Never had a rip since I started using this product and customer service is amazing!!!

  8. Maria Nunez (verified owner)

    I powerlift and always need to have these for my deadlifts! I’ve never been so satisfied with a hand wrap! I have great grip and most of all avoid opening my calluses.

  9. Sarah

    I heard about wodndones from a friend of mine so I’ve been using them for about a month and I LOVE them! I wish I had found them sooner honestly. I’ve been working on heavy lifting, barbell cycling, and gymnastics so my hands we’re getting pretty beat up. I don’t like traditional “lifting/CrossFit” hand protectors because I can’t easily transition from one movement to another during a WOD and I’m also not working grip strength, which to me, completely misses the point. I gave some out to a few friends of mine to use during MURPH and they all ordered their own packs the same day. They work

  10. Janet (verified owner)

    I love these hand wraps. I’ve used them for several chest-to-bar, pull-up, and toes-to-bar heavy workouts now. They stayed in place, and kept my hands from ripping. I recommend them to all of my friends.

  11. רונית (verified owner)

    המשלוח הגיע תוך פחות משבוע!!!
    והמוצר בדיוק כפי שהבטיחו.
    אחזור לרכוש כאן

  12. Jacquelyn silva (verified owner)

    I’ve used this product for years now.
    And I love them it’s the only thing that helps my sweaty hands hold the bar without slipping!
    Unfortunately the adhesive always arrives damaged ( leaking ) and my last bottle had mold in it 🙁
    Thing is I need the adhesive and it does work!

  13. Callie Fink (verified owner)

    An absolute necessity in my training regimen. I utilize them on every single deadlift day with the adhesive liquid and it works like magic. I’ve never had to use chalk or deal with the mess that comes with applying it. I use the hand protection wraps along with the thumb tape as I deadlift with a hook grip and I’ve had no bleeding or popping callouses even after multiple sets on heavy loads. These also come in clutch for any hanging or pulling related exercises where I need a little extra grip. I have extremely small hands so this is a game changer for people with the same grip issue! My workouts would not be the same without them, and I recommend them to everyone who asks! I always keep extra packs in my gym bag to give to friends or other gym goers who I feel could benefit off these. Their customer service is top notch and they always reply quickly. Love you guys, thanks for making an incredible product! I have been using these for over 4 years now!

  14. marykathryn1011 (verified owner)

    I have been using these since May of 2021 after I discovered them on Instagram. They offer great protection for my hands, and I don’t rip! They last through tough Crossfit workouts and I’m able to stay on the bar longer for more reps of toes-to-bar or pullups. Very thankful that I found this product and this company!

  15. Alisha

    The hand protection is the only grip I have found that works for me anytime I use the rig. My bear grips reduce my ability to grip the bar and have also left me with rips and tears. Takes a min of two days to wash without a sting.

    So far I have the ability to grip the bar much better with just the WnD hand protection. Using the sticky adhesive helps. A lot. The hand protection does start to bunch up on my right hand after about 10 or so pull ups. Not sure if it’s just cause, hand protection not put on correctly, or bc of how I grip the bar. Regardless, rips are way less common with just the WnD’s on only.

    The adhesive tends to dry out in the bottle before it is finished and your site is pretty difficult to order more. I’ve heard complaints from others at my box about ordering more.
    Tldr: hand protection is awesome; adhesive dries out and is difficult to replace/purchase.

  16. Sergiu Casian (verified owner)

    First of all I have to begin by saying that these guys are super professional when it comes to customer service, the CrossFit open 2023 was about to begin and I needed to order some grips for my team, it completely fell off my agenda and I literally remembered a day before the open. I purchased these grips and kindly asked to be shipped with a faster option, these guys were super responsive and were able to accommodate and guess what, we had two people that ripped and because the grips got on time they were able to compete without a problem.

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