Callus Shaver with 5 Replacement Blades

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Callus shaver with 5 replacement blades

When you work hard and play hard, your skin can often suffer the consequences in the form of hard, out of control calluses. While they don’t pose an immediate health concern, not addressing them can have a major impact on your long-term hand, foot, and skin health.

The w.o.d.welder Callus Shaver is designed for people like fitness athletes, lifters & gymnasts who suffer from calluses built up from lifting, pulling, pushing. As any athlete can tell you, when you start to rip calluses, it can be painful no matter how tough you might be.

Features & Benefits:

  • They’re safe, effective and easy to use. When your callus starts to get rounded or form a white cap, drag our callus shaver over the top. The overgrown portion of callus will come off quickly and easily with no pain.
  • It’s great for both hands and feet! From corns or calluses on the balls of your feet or between your fingers, it will take care of them all.
  • Each shaver comes with five replacement blades, giving you a full year of callus-cutting protection.
  • Blades don’t need to be replaced for 2-3 months, meaning you can use it over and over again without having to immediately replace a blade.
  • A safety guard keeps you from shaving too deep and hurting the soft, growing skin underneath. This lets you keep working out without causing more damage.
  • Stainless steel head and blades.

How To Use Callus Shavers:

  1. You can soak your skin in warm water before or shave while your skin is dry. We recommend using the callus shaver on dry skin to start.
  2. Gently glide the shaver across hard skin to remove thin dead layers. The protective portion of the tool will prevent you from shaving to deeply.
  3. Continue as needed, smoothing calluses down as level as possible.
  4. Couple with a natural pumice stone smoothing skin further by exfoliating.
  5. Finish with a moisturizing hand cream.

Tips for Callus Shaver Maintenance:

  • Tap out and dead skin cells before and after use.
  • Both sides of each blade are functional. Replace blades every 2-3 months, flipping the blade over in between.
  • To replace or flip blade, hold handle and slide guard off of metal tongue. Change blade and slide back in.

When you want the best callus shaver that’s specifically designed for athletes, reach for the w.o.d.welder shaver and protect your skin. Click ‘Add to Cart’ above to get yours now!

Also available as part of our Callus Shaver Hand Care Kit.

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