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Welcome to the temporary home of the ™ – division of WOD&DONE responsible for the Gymnastics side of things. 

Train Hard and keep your hands safe.

You gave us feedback and we listened. 2 hole version of our patented protection is here! The 2-hole version is 2.35″ vs the 3-hole version 3″ wide. 

Protect your hands with ™ Hand Protection by WOD&DONE if you are not using grips yet, or use these as a base layer under your grips. You’ll get more out of every practice when you aren’t fighting the pain of ripped hands.

  • Single use and self-adhesive
  • Eliminates friction that causes rips

  • Designed For Competition

    Don’t take a chance on tearing your hands before competition. Use ™ hand protection by WOD&DONE during your training to help build the strength you need. Never miss a day of practice due to ripped hands again.

  • Get Full Range Of Motion

    Our specially-engineered kinesiology-type material never impacts your range of motion. They’re so thin you’ll forget you’re wearing them under your leather grips.

  • No Slipping

    ™by WOD&DONE Hand Protection is designed to stick firmly. Our single-use hand protection goes on quickly and you get a consistent fit every time.


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