WOD&DONE Finger Tape Lets You Tailor Your Protection

WOD&DONE Finger Tape

Offers Targeted Protection Where You Need It

Our WOD&DONE finger tape gives you the power to tailor your protection and support. Whether you’re climbing ropes or working on Olympic lifts, our finger tape can prevent painful rips and tears.

Use them on your hands, individual fingers or even your feet or toes to protect calluses and prevent friction burns. You demand a lot from your body and WOD&DONE finger tape helps you meet every challenge.

Our skin-tight, flexible finger tape gives you the ability to tailor the protection and support you need without impacting your range of motion.


What You Can Expect From WOD&DONE Finger Tape

  • Designed specifically for fingers
  • Self-adhesive
  • Tough as $#!%
  • Hypoallergenic & sanitary

Designed specifically for your fingers

Our specially-designed finger tape measures 1 inch by 4 inches and is engineered to be exactly the right size and length.


Our finger tape stays exactly where you put it – there’s no slipping or need to reapply it halfway through your workout.

WOD&DONE Finger Tape

Tough as $#!%

Our finger tape can handle anything you put it through – whether it’s rope climbing, deadlifts, running a marathon or gymnastics. They’re tough enough for competitions and durable enough for your daily workouts.

Hypoallergenic & sanitary

Our single-use finger tape is latex-free and vegan. Unlike reusable options, our finger tape gives you a hygienic way to protect your hands without the odors and exposure to germs.

WOD&DONE Finger Tape

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