WOD&DONE Hand Protection For All Sports

From Functional Fitness To OCR

WOD&DONE Hand Grips Help You Get It Done

No matter what sport you love, you need a sure grip to perform at your best. WOD&DONE hand grips are the best way to improve your performance, whether it’s a Metcon or your latest attempt to set a PR.

We think WOD&DONEs are great for pretty much any athletic pursuit, but here are six sports where they’re most commonly used:

Functional Fitness

No pull-up or kettlebell WOD is too tough when you have the right hand grips. Our ultra-thin hand protection feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

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Don’t let ripped hands keep you from your next PR. Our no-slip hand grips are designed to work through even your sweatiest workouts. And if you need an extra layer of protection, just put them on under your gloves.

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Obstacle Course Racing

Stop relying on bulky gloves that slip just as you’re tackling that next obstacle. Our hand grips never slip and are so thin you don’t even notice you’re wearing them.

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Our hand grips allow you to toughen up your hands without getting painful rips. Using WOD&DONES as a base layer help you get your practice in, without letting injuries sideline you.

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Extreme Sports

From bouldering to BMX, you need a steady grip for all your extreme adventures. Our hand protection gives you the ultra-thin, sweat-proof hold you need.

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Olympic Lifting

Whether you’re working on your power clean or your push press, you need the peace of mind that comes from having a secure grip. Our hand protection is chalk- and sweat-proof and ensures that your hands never rip, no matter how much you lift.

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