About Wod and Done Grips

Single Use – fresh pair every time

Skin Tight – maximize your grip

Chalk and Sweat Friendly

3″ x 9.25″ of coverage – more than other grips


WOD&DONE Grips were created to fill the void in comfortable functional hand protection during high intensity training. As a gym owner, I have witnessed countless injuries to the skin of my athletes’ palms during high repetition pull-ups, kettlebell swings and barbell movements featured in CrossFit and functional fitness. These rips and tears are extremely painful and take a long time to heal and if you ever had one of these, you know the hesitation you experience the next time these movements are programmed for your CrossFit workout. 

I have tried other grips such as gymnast grips or grips designed specifically for CrossFit that are currently on the market to prevent our hands from ripping, but we were all faced with the same exact problems – other grips were either too bulky and didn’t allow a good grip on the bar, did not fit right that caused reduced grip strength, slipping and frustration. 

So we went on a mission: To create a product that will protect your hands with minimal interference. As a result of a year-long quest filled with sweaty, chalk overindulged WOD and Metcon testing, we have come up with this wonderful solution: 

Single use, self-adhesive WOD&DONE athletic grips.

If you are a regionals athlete, CrossFit games competitor, local box superstar or a fire-breathing beginner with a desire to build a better version of yourself – these are for you! 

WOD&DONE grips were designed to take a beating of highly demanding WODs, Metcons, Olympic weightlifting and leave your hands intact. The material is super thin and attaches itself to your skin creating a custom seamless bond that ensures a natural feeling while gripping a pull-up bar, kettlebell or a barbell. Your grips will look like they have been through a war after your WOD or Metcon, but your hands will look pristine. 

We are excited that we were able to develop this solution and are glad to share it with you. You can get yours here now!

Don’t rip when you grip!