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Join WOD&DONE in raising money for EVERYDAY WARRIOR. We will donate 20% of all sales made on our website when you originate your purchase through this page.

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WOD&DONE is the official hand protection sponsor of the 2020 Everyday Warrior Battle Series. We are excited and honored to work with such an amazing organization to raise money for the cause, and to protect the hands of some bad-ass athletes throwing down for a great cause.

One of the ways to support the cause, is to purchase anything from WOD&DONE and we will donate 20% of the total purchase to Everyday Warrior.

WOD&DONE has created the only single use hand protection products that are so thin, is feels like wearing nothing at all. By trying our one-of-a-kind hand protection not only will you protect your hands from whatever the sport throws at you, but you will also do a good deed by supporting the Everyday Warrior organization.

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