How to apply WOD & DONE athletic grips

Thank you for purchasing the WOD & DONE athletic grips

Here are the few important steps that you must follow to ensure the best possible application and usability of the WOD & DONE athletic grips: 

  1. Make sure your hands are clean and dry prior to application. You can apply the grips BEFORE your warm-up and as far in advance as you would like
  2. You will start the application by tearing the backing paper along the three finger holes at the top. 
  3. You will then continue by tearing the backing paper across the width of the grip in-line with the start of the anchor slit in the middle
  4. Insert your pinky, your ring and middle fingers through the 3 round holes at the top. The holes are elastic and should fit any finger width.  
  5. Peal the backing paper off and apply without any stretch to the back of your hand or over your knuckles.  
  6. Flip your hand so your palm is facing up and begin to gently peal the backing paper off a section at a time. Make sure that you do not touch the adhesive and do not apply ANY stretch to the material. Extend your palm and continue to apply the grip one section at a time until you reach the anchors.  
  7. Proceed with the similar application process and apply the anchors as demonstrated in the video. There are multiple ways to anchor the grip to your wrist:  
    1. You can wrap the anchors around your wrist overlapping the connecting points, just remember to not stretch the material during the application.
      how to apply Wod and Done athletic grips
    2. For an extremely demanding WOD, you can also use additional tape to secure the anchors around your wrist
      How to Apply Wod and Done athletic grips
  8. The adhesive used in WOD&DONE grips is heat activated. To promote better stick, use the rough side of the backing paper to rub the entire surface of the grip including the anchor points. The friction you create through this process will create heat which will ensure proper fit and adhesion.