Calicure Callus File – 2 sizes

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Each CALICURE is ergonomically designed to gently sand down hand calluses to prevent rips. Can be used wet or dry. 100% Waterproof, 100% Recyclable, 100% Made in America

XL Size is 2.5″ longer to apply more torque when sanding down those pesky hand calluses.

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The CALICURE was invented for one simple reason…to PREVENT calluses from rips and tears. As a new Crossfitter, I quickly realized the importance of proper hand care. With 20+ years experience as a Medical Surgical nurse, I have witnessed first hand all sorts of wounds and treatment options. However, using sizzors, razors or your teeth are NOT the proper tools to use on your hands.
You NEED a SAFE and SIMPLE tool to properly manage your calluses thus PREVENTING RIPS while REDUCING risk for infection and cross-contamination.
The CALICURE hand file allows you to SAFELY remove excess skin build up (aka your calluses) without removing too much (finding that sweet spot!) leaving behind HEALTHY SMOOTH hands.
The CALICURE is presently being used by everyday Crossfitters to Games Level Athletes, Coaches, Olympic Gymnasts, Olympic Lifters, Ultra Runners, Golf and Tennis Players, Rock Climbers, Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Strongmen and Strongwomen Worldwide!


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