Natural Pumice Stone – Sand Your Calluses

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Whether you’re into fitness, gymnastics, rock climbing, or yard work, one of the keys to rip- and shred-free hands is to keep your calluses and the thick areas of your palms smooth and uniform. Our wild volcanic pumice makes this easy.

These irregularly-shaped natural stones are hard and durable and can last for years. Because of their irregular shape and porous nature, wild harvested pumice stones are more abrasive than the drug store varieties, which are usually made with pumice and molded to uniform shapes by adding glue and synthetic ingredients.

We don’t do that foo-foo stuff ‘cuz; we’re serious about callus maintenance. Speaking of which! We come across plenty of folks that say “I’m proud of my calluses, I don’t want to get rid of them” or “Why would anybody not want calluses, I’m so badass when I rip”. To that we’ve always said, “Silly meathead, rips are for noobs”. The truth is that we are totally aboard team callus, everybody who touches a barbell needs them to PROTECT the high friction areas of your hand. But when calluses get too big they go from being protective to being a hazard for rips and tears. We preach callus maintenance, not callus removal. Keep your calluses the same height as the rest of your hand and you’ll keep the skin care experts here at w.o.d.welder in a good mood all day long.

How to use: 
1.) Wet your hands or wherever you plan on using the pumice stone. (These stones work best on damp skin, we choose to pumice in the shower).
2.) Once your skin is damp and you can see the “opaque” area on top of your callus, it’s time to scrub.
3.) Rub the Pumice Stone across your calluses in all directions, taking off the top layer of your overgrown calluses.
4.) You should be left with nice calluses that are the same height as the rest of your hand and not overgrown.
5.) Rinse or bang out any caught pieces of dead callus that are in your pumice stone and go about doing whatever else it is you do in the shower.

Pro Tips:  You can also use this product on your feet or any rough area of skin. We know how bad runners calluses can get…we’ve had some DM’d to us.

Natural Pumice stone will weigh about 1.5 to 2.0 ounces and will vary wildly in shape.

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