WOD&DONE Additional Adhesive – Extra Large Bottle

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Please note, this can only be purchased if there are other items in your cart. Maximum quantity is 2. We will include enough for your entire order though. If for some reason you need more than 1 bottle, please contact us. Please read more information below.


Extra Large Bottle. Lasts about 40-50 pairs. Not eligible for discounts. If you need more than 1 bottle, please contact us. But we will include enough for your entire order.

International customers outside of North America or UK will receive powder version and will need to add alcohol 90%+ (isopropyl preferred) to mix. 

Please Note: You can always add the same extra adhesive to your your purchase of wodndones during checkout. At that time, our fulfillment team will include enough adhesive to last you for your entire order based on the quantity you are purchasing – but you only pay once. Due to these reasons and general supply shortage, we have decided to limit each separate order of the adhesive to a maximum of 2 bottles. If you require more, please contact us and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Why use it?

Originally developed with OCR athletes in mind, to make wodndones last longer in mud and water, other benefits were found. We realized that other athletes may benefit from this as well, especially during those extra sweaty workouts and summer heat. So we are making this product widely available.


This additional bottle of liquid adhesive will ensure that our grips stay on longer even in the most grueling conditions.
  • Stick Better
  • Less Bunching when used as directed
  • Last Longer


If you have tried wodndones before and they didn’t stick for you, we now guarantee that they will as long as you follow our proper application technique, along with our new adhesive. We also guarantee a significant reduction in “bunching” with the use of this adhesive, along with a 30% stretch of the grip at application. Complete instructions will be included.
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Introducing our new creation – all natural liquid adhesive – that will make wodndones stick better, stay on longer and bunch up less.

Need your grips to stay on for a while longer during an extra sweaty workout? We have an amazing offer and we GUARANTEE you will love them even more!

  1. Apply 5 minutes before warmup. The more time you give it the better.
  2. Apply one hand at a time. Prepare 2 grips by tearing through the backing paper at the holes and at the tails.
  3. Apply the solution generously to your palm, and allow ~15-20 seconds to dry out and your hand to become tacky.
  4. Insert your fingers through the holes, remove the piece of paper at the knuckles.
  5. When applying over your palm, please stretch the material 30-40% and apply piece by piece.
  6. Secure the anchors one anchor at a time. Do not remove backing paper all at once. Still piece by piece. Rub the tape down to activate adhesive

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